Directorate for Guidance and Inspection

Directorate for Guidance and Inspection


09 December 2020

Duties, Powers and Responsibilities

The duties and powers of the Department of Consultancy and Supervision are as follows pursuant to the Presidential Decree no.: 1, amending the Organization and Duties of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization;

a) To carry out audits, examinations and investigations regarding all kinds of activities and transactions of the Ministry organization,

b) To prepare the necessary proposals in order to better realize the aims and objectives of the Ministry and to ensure that it works in accordance with the relevant legislation, plans and programs, as well as submitting these proposals to the Minister,

c) To fulfill the other duties assigned by the Minister,

 (2) In the Department, an Auditor and Assistant Auditor shall be employed pursuant to the 24th Article of the as annexed, of the Decree Law no.: 375.

The procedures and principles of the employment and qualification exams of the Assistant Auditors, along with their promotion to become the Auditor, duties, powers and responsibilities, the working procedures and principles of the Department and other issues shall be determined by the relevant regulation accordingly.

The Regulation of our Ministry for the Department of Consultancy and Auditing, which was drawn up in line with the above stated provision, entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette no.: 28771, dated as 20.09.2013.

In this context;

Pursuant to the Article 5 of the Regulation,

(1) the duties of the Department of Consultancy and Auditing are as follows:

a) To carry out general and special audits, inspections, preliminary examination, investigation and research works related to all activities and transactions of the affiliated, related institutions of the Ministry's organization, public or private legal entities and real persons within the scope of the authority granted to the Ministry pursuant to the relevant legislation, with the order and approval of the Minister, for and on behalf of the Minister,

b) To carry out research activities, as well as presenting its opinions and suggestions to the Minister, oriented at improving the services of the Ministry, as well as carrying out the works and procedures within the Ministry's organization in accordance with the objectives and targets of the Ministry, legislation, plans, programs and projects accordingly, under an effective, efficient and service-oriented manner, while also establishing policies and service standards in these matters,

c) To take necessary actions to improve, correct or amend the matters that prevent the development of the Ministry's services.

ç) To contribute into the legislation and training activities as carried out by the Ministry.

d) To develop methods and techniques regarding general and special audits, inspections, preliminary examinations, investigation and research procedures to be carried out by the Department; to ensure the establishment of standards and principles; to prepare guides and other documents that may be deemed necessary accordingly; to take measures with the objective to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of inspection activities; to present opinions and suggestions on such matters.

e) To monitor and evaluate the results of general and special audits, inspections, preliminary examinations, investigations and researches, as well as establishing the relevant statistics accordingly.

f) To fulfill other similar duties assigned by the Ministry or specified in the legislation.

(2) The Department shall work in collaboration and coordination with all the departments of the Ministry with the objective to ensure the effective and efficient utilization of the resources.


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